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MinePoint at a Glance

MinePoint enables your team to gather data from any electronic source, analyze the information, create dashboards, charts, graphs, cubes, and ad-hoc reporting. We’ll help your team analyze and share insights for faster, better-informed decisions.   MinePoint takes the power of  data, and gives your company Business Intelligence over your data.

This powerful software allows you to Connect, Transform, Analyze, and Collaborate your business data seamlessly.


Allow MinePoint to simplify your numbers –

Our dashboard software empowers you to create engaging dashboards with custom charts and graphs that are easy to build, easy to edit, and easy to use. You’ll spend less time sifting through Excel spreadsheets and databases, and more time on analysis and decisions!

Dive headfirst into your data, without drowning in disarray! With a single click, pivot from the overview to the granular details with MinePoint’s intuitive drilldowns. Users can interact with every layer of data, ask and answer their own questions, and gain clarity to promote understanding and progress.

Finally, all your business metrics in one view! Connect MinePoint with all your data sources, including Excel spreadsheets and SQL databases. You can easily build charts using a mix of data sources in a single dashboard and spot hidden trends at a glance to make more informed decisions.

MinePoint’s data visualization software is a self-service platform that helps you make sense of your data. Our dashboard software is specifically designed to help you combine multiple data sources and find the correlations necessary to make data-driven decisions.

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