MinePoint Benefits

Our powerful business-altering software serves analytics right to your finger tips. The four basic principles of MinePoint form the foundation by which we have served our clients for nearly 30 years:




We can help you turn raw numbers into decisions –

No matter your industry, MinePoint speaks your data’s language. Compelling graphics, comprehensive overviews, and drill down capabilities bring new life to data. Drive innovation with BI dashboards and reveal hidden connections between all your metrics so everyone can be in the know (even “non-data people”).

Our dashboard software empowers you to create engaging dashboards with custom charts and graphs that are easy to build, easy to edit, and easy to use. You’ll spend less time sifting through Excel spreadsheets and databases, and more time on analysis and decisions!


Users can connect directly to any data source whether it’s internal or external. Upload spreadsheets and .csv files, gather data from printed reports or connect to directly to databases. MinePoint sources your data wherever it resides. If it’s electronic, we can mine it.


MinePoint’s intuitive, easy to learn interface makes it simple to transform the data to decisions. We’ll help you uncover new patterns and insights easily. No programmers needed. Let your users focus on decisions not rekeying data. Higher value-add analysis drives deeper insights into your organization’s performance. This is Business Intelligence.


MinePoint lets users quickly move through multiple visualizations to determine what’s happening with your underlying data. We’ll unearth your KPI’s with Graphs, Charts, and Data Cubes that give the user powerful data analysis for more informed decisions.


Our Cubes and Dashboards are fully web based allowing users secure, easy access to critical results. Any device, from any connected internet source. The Internet of Things becomes reality. Your end users become a team of empowered Analysts. Business Intelligence starts diving company performance.

The data your team needs to make the right call –

Healthcare providers are tasked with managing a huge variety of moving parts at the same time, such as patient care, facility management, and emergency room conditions. To do this effectively, healthcare organizations rely on having access to the latest performance data so they can make the right decision at the right time. Use MinePoint’s healthcare KPIs and metrics to give your team the data they need to make those tough calls with confidence.

The Average Length of Stay KPI measures how long, on averarge, patients stay in your hospital after having a specific procedure, such as an appendectomy. This KPI can vary widely based on what type of facility you are operating (long term vs short term) and what type of medical conditions are involved.

Once you’ve gathered your data, you can concentrate on investigating why your number is what it is by showing it in this KPI. Is it influenced by hospital acquired infections, or by excellent healthcare service? Calculating this KPI is straightforward, but it is important to give each patient a base-value of 1 to account for all visits, even if they are not overnight patients.

A good executive reporting dashboard consolidates the performance of all the company’s departments so executives can stay on top of opportunities and changes efficiently. The metrics for the executive reporting dashboard start conversations and visualize data in an easy way to understand the present, look back at the past and project for the future.

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