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With Input from Kenworth Sales and other dealers on what they need in a business system, DP Solutions continues to lead the industry with their Dealership Management System, VIBE. I have worked with DP Solutions for several years, and I am confident no other DMS provider in the industry is as committed to making their product the best.

VIBE gives me access to track all parts transactions from start to finish, and the parts lifecycle information is effortlessly found within the DMS. In our world, that is a competitive advantage. The integration between VIBE and PACCAR for programs like DOE, EDI and On Line Parts Counter (OPC) has been great for efficiency with our parts and A/P teams.

DP Solutions’ service to our company has also been exceptional. If we have a problem, I know they will commit resources, and work with us to fix it, immediately. That level of support makes the difference for our company.

The VIBE Parts Inventory System has helped drive parts sales. We have partnered with DP Solutions to change our parts delivery process. It’s the best parts management that I have seen, and when we need an enhancement, DP is open to our ideas of how to continuously improve VIBE to extend the system even further. Together, we have had a great collaboration on how to best meet the needs our business and our customers service levels.

Training new employees on VIBE is a breeze. When we hire a new employee, he or she is up and running in hours not months. Our old business system was difficult to navigate, and the ROI for new hires was a struggle. The intuitive look and feel of VIBE allows KWS to get new employees serving our customers quickly, not struggling to learn the system.

VIBE has been a great addition to our day to day business and I am very pleased with the product and the DP Solutions team.

I love the flexibility in reporting with the MinePoint Business Intelligence Cube which we use for reporting in our business system VIBE. Within three minutes I can pull whatever specific sales data I want for any customer. This allows me to be more effective in my job and answering my customers questions and seeing negative and positive trends in our sales data. I have also appreciated the small learning curve for our staff.

With MinePoint and VIBE, I can have a new employee up and running in 3 to 4 days. With our old Management System, that process took months. The simple workflow is a game changer. I love how easy it is to go from Pick Ticket -> P/O -> Posting -> Auto Back Order Fill -> Invoice. The intuitive workflow saves us time and money and drives efficiency for our Staff.

Willis Knighton Health System has used DP Solutions’ MinePoint Business Intelligence Software for over 14 years. MinePoint enables WKHS to data mine revenue and costs of each patient account on all data elements in the Universal Billing Form. With MinePoint we monitor all of our Hospital Cost Centers and identify any changes that need management corrections identified by comparing previous accounting periods to current periods for negative operation changes.

We also use DP Solutions’ FlexPoint Productivity System has been used to manage Nursing Labor to meet WKHS’s staffing and skill matrixes while monitoring Patient quality and correlating it to staffing levels to ensure proper staffing levels for excellent patient care. WKHS has maintained 101% to 103% Nursing Productivity each year with over 1.5 million quality questions annually at an average of 98% patient quality score. Using DP Solutions FlexPoint Productivity system and MinePoint Business Intelligence System has saved WKHS 1 to 3 million dollars each year.

I recommend DP Solutions software to other Hospital systems for identifying operational problems for management attention and for managing labor costs while providing excellence in quality patient care.

We have been using MinePoint for close to 9 years now. It allows me to retrieve and organize data in multiple ways. It makes it simple to put together reports and schedule them to go out automatically to managers in just about any time frame that I choose. I am able to put them in a very user friendly straight forward format that the manager accesses by a simple mouse click.

If additional information is needed anyone can go to the dashboards and click on the appropriate button and drag and drop any information needed on to the workspace and arrange it however they want it.

Reports can be created in minutes for use by anyone that I designate. It takes very little training to learn how to create reports and alerts and no real training for the end users. MinePoint is quick, easy and accurate. The people at DP Solutions are great to work with.

For our Management Team at Lonestar Truck Group, MinePoint has given us the ability to collect data from disparate systems and display it as charts, graphs and data cubes for all segments of our business operations; spotting and analyzing positive and negative trends more quickly and easily. The flexibility of the program and the multiple views of our data give us nearly unlimited options of customized reporting at a moment’s notice. The program is very “end user” friendly and modifications to views and layouts are quick and easy and do not require our IT department to get involved. We love it!

Originally Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. employed DP Solutions’ MinePoint application to gather data from legacy systems for ingestion into Microsoft SQLserver databases. Today, it is so much more than a tool to capture legacy data although it still has those capabilities. Since Cal-Maine Foods is the largest producer and marketer of eggs in the US, we need good solid tools to produce the results of key performance indicators. With the ability to ingest data from numerous sources, MinePoint enables Cal-Maine to quickly transform and analyze data to provide the Business Intelligence needed to successfully manage the egg business.

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